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    Soul (food) to Keep

    African Americans, Caribbean Americans and Blacks of African descent have long stirred pots containing more than soul food in North America, the Caribbean, South America and Europe. But the soul food label, made popular during the 1960’s and 1970’s, survives in the 21st century as a delicious brand that includes family celebration dinners and survival recipes we don’t want to lose.

    At BlackAmericaCooks.com, we pay deep respect to the elegance and graciousness of unnamed top chefs and family cooks who created and/or revised soulful “down home” and upscale “uptown” recipe renditions ranging from beaten biscuits to cheese croquettes and sweet potato pie to Strawberry Sarabande.

    BlackAmericaCooks.com menus, recipes, videos, slideshow, interviews, blogs and columns highlight home cooks, top chefs and restaurant recipes and dishes (from French to Finnish) created by someone Black in the kitchen...including:

    Authentic, soul food recipes for celebrations ... and.... Healthy versions of soul food and southern recipes for those who want a hint of the flavors of home for everyday healthy eating...



    Classic Recipes from

    Favorite Cookbooks


    Chicken Salad

    Jessica Harris


    Click on the link below to learn about Jessica Harris and her cookbooks:



    Click on "The Welcome Table"  by Jessica Harris (Simon & Schuster, 1995) for a delicious traditional

    chicken salad recipe.



    Joyce White

    Click on "Soul Food" by Joyce White (1998) for a chicken salad recipe from the author whose "Brown Sugar" (Harper Collins, 2003) includes "soul-inspired" sweets.






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