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Soul to Keep Salute of the Week is like a Cooks Hall of Fame
Dori Sanders, Best Selling Novelist, Cookbook Author

"Delicious Reports From A Family Farm"

Photo of Dori Sanders Birthplace: Filbert, S.C.
Cooking Style: Country Southern

Memorable Quote: "Unlike what so many people think, we Southern farmers don't--and never did--eat our food swimming in sugar and fat...We ate lots of fruits and vegetables.

Notable Honors: Lillian Smith Book Award

Why we Love Dori Sanders: Her family memories remind us to value and treasure our traditions. Her musical laugh reminds us to live in the moment. Her delicious recipes reminds of the beauty in simple recipes made with the finest ingredients.


Clover by Dori Sanders


by Dori Sanders, 1990

"Her Own Place"

by Dori Sanders, 1993

"Dori Sanders Country Cooking"

By Dori Sanders, 1995

Favorite Recipes:


Sweet Potato Pound Cake

"Dori Sanders Country Cooking"



Collard and Turnip Greens Salad with Pecans

"Dori Sanders Country Cooking"



Weiss and Jews;

Skillet Diary

Week ending 10/31

, 2010

Dori Sanders: A Voice in the Dark


"I didn't know enough to turn down the invitation to speak at the Charleston Food & Wine Festival scheduled only a few weeks after my mother's unexpected death seven years ago. Looking back at the conference, I only remember a few minutes behind the podium and a weekend filled with a dense fog of activity. 

Dori Sanders and I shared a small suite amid rooms reserved for speakers at the College of Charleston. We reached these rooms in the historic section of campus by climbing a narrowly winding interior staircase.

"Your voice is all I distinctly recall from that weekend…the voice of an angel," I explained a few weeks ago during a phone conversation when she brought up my mom.

"You had just lost your mother; I remember your face stricken with sadness and grief," she said.

"I also remember you balancing up that tiny winding staircase in those high heels. That wasn't an easy climb in flats...So, I didn't worry about you. I knew you were strong enough to get to the other side of your grief," she laughed.

This exchange describes what I love most about Dori Sanders and her writing. Like the author, the cookbook is filled with compassion and respect for the past. All this is presented with a light-hearted voice, reminding us that a wise woman shares our path.





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